Skipping down the yellow brick road to DoulaLand we encounter others who challenge our thoughts, morals and professionalism. 

The Advocate.  

An advocate is a spokesperson, a fighter, someone who publicly recommends something.  

As a professional doula, I am not an advocate. I will not take power from my clients and speak for them. I do not have a pair of red leather boxing gloves in my doula bag, I will not fight on behalf of clients. The only things I will be recommending are position changes and comfort measures.  

The Activist.  

Vigorous campaigning to bring forth change.  

We are talking about birth. It is not my job to save women from doctors, hospitals and procedures. It is my job to have faith in my client and to support her philosophies. My clients are able to choose their care providers and birthing locations based on what is right for them. 

Birth Activists belong on the courthouse steps with slogan shirts and pickets, not in the birth room.  

I believe wholeheartedly that my clients are strong, capable women who can speak for themselves. As their professional doula I will encourage my clients to find their voice. I will create a pause. I will trust my client and I will always give her all the support she desires.  

It is not my birth.  

Doulas who blur these lines are effectively giving professional doulas a bad name and hospital bans are being put into place. 

I am grateful for understanding the difference.  

I refuse to be a vigilante doula. I choose to honor my clients by upholding professionalism to the highest extent.  

Just as Glinda trusted Dorothy to find her own way, I too believe:

"You had the power all along, my dear."