Hello?! Hello to new adventures, to new opportunities, and according to Sam Champion, hello to snow.  

This California girl has made her share of snowmen, but I hear we're gonna need to invest in a snow shovel. Apparently, it snows in New York.  

Wait. Aren't you new to Washington? Yep.  

Don't you own the Issaquah Doula agency? Sure do.  

But, then why are you moving to New York? 

I'll tell you why.  


Randy Patterson offered me a job I cannot refuse. And that means picking up my family of five, selling my agency and getting the heck out of Dodge...err Issaquah.  

I'm now a Certified Labor and Postpartum Doula Trainer and a member of ProDoula's Training and Development Team meaning I get to travel the globe and train doulas everywhere, and in addition to that awesomeness I'll be working in THE ProDoula office. The Office!!!

I will be the new Training Coordinator beginning March 1st. 

Can you tell I'm excited?!  

But don't worry about the Issaquah Doula, it's in good hands and I promise you will see some pretty amazing things happen in the near future.

I came to the Seattle area and stirred up some pretty heavy emotions in regards to a doula being a profession and not a philosophy. I was attacked, bullied and pretty much treated like shit. But did that stop me? Not even for a New York minute! Instead I chose to empower myself with the knowledge ProDoula supplies. I opened the first doula agency in King County, and it's pretty dang successful if I do say so myself!! I rebuilt bridges that others' burned, I collaborated with professionals in a way they've never seen before and the agency I built on my integrity, professionalism and compassion has served a large variety of families. 

The backbone of my agency is ProDoula, and the new owners, Christi Nixon & Paula Gustafson will continue to Share the Vision.

I was a little sad the other night. My husband asked what was bothering me:  

I won't be doula-ing anymore.  

"Oh, but you will! You will be doulaing all the new doulas while you train them. You will be doulaing all the people who call the office! You will always be a doula." 

And as always, that man is right.  

So as I prepare to say goodbye to all I've built here, I'm ready to begin our new hello.  

With love, 

Denise Foreman - Former owner of Issaquah Doula

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