In the 1860's pioneers arrived in the area now known as Issaquah. Their dreams to mine coal and harvest hops were fruitful. However, the native Indians were not fond of their new land-mates and murderous vengeance ensued.  

Eventually, peace was found.  

George Tibbetts was the town's first entrepreneur opening a store, a hotel and a stage line.  

Many entrepreneurs have followed in his footsteps, and like most new ideas that bring forth change, ridicule, speculation and scrutiny ensues. Hey! Way better than the murderous vengeance of the past.  

I am a pioneer. I am an entrepreneur. I am making change. I am part of the Doula Revolution. This global movement is making headway and I am proud to be one of its supporters here in the beautiful Pacific Northwest. 

What is it? 

This movement is shining light on true professional doulas. We are being recognized not only by the communities we serve but the professionals we stand next to, like doctors, midwives and nurses. This is not a hobby or something we do to change the birth culture. Instead, we provide unbiased support. No. Matter. What. We believe that our clients are capable to birth without us. Yes, by having a professional doula present statisticly it's in your favor, but we know that our clients are strong, educated and able to birth and make decisions on her own. 

Language in my contract reflects this. I trust in my client's ability to call for her doula when she is ready. I do not dictate when that time will be, instead I am prepared to join her when she says it's time. May that be at the first contraction and she feels like having company, or maybe when she's been laboring at home for hours with her partner but the intensity is rising so she asks me to meet her at their birthing location.  Whenever she decides is how I will respond. Once I am there with her, I will not leave her side. I will not go home until after she has birthed her baby.  

By providing language in my contract that puts my client in control, I feel that I am also continuing my support as a doula, on the legal end.  

My role as a professional certified doula is to provide clients with unconditional, unbiased support and that begins at the moment we meet. 

Pioneering through Issaquah has been provacative for over 155 years. I'm proud to be an Issaquah Pioneer.