Kind Words

"I can't express how amazing and important Christi was in our birth experience. I would recommend Christi to anyone giving birth. She was so amazing! She truly has a gift. 

During our prenatal visits, Christi was very flexible and taught us many comfort and labor inducing techniques that were so useful before and during labor.

She was supportive and helped keep me sane through prolonged false alarm labor, while I waited anxiously for our son to be born. When labor finally started, Christi was there in a flash. She immediately got to work helping me through contractions and helping us navigate through our hospital birth.

When my plans of natural childbirth didn't go as planned, Christi was continuously supportive and helped me feel good about my decision for an epidural.  She had a great technique that allowed me to push successfully even though I had an epidural and didn't have the urge to push.

She also took amazing pictures of the birth that I will treasure always.

Due to my son's small birth defect I couldn't breastfeed right away, so Christi taught me to hand express my colostrum. She is such an expert at it! Before we left the hospital, she came back to see how we were doing and again helped me with positioning and advice for breastfeeding. We are now successfully breastfeeding full time against all odds!

I will be eternally grateful to have such a warm, caring and knowledgeable person to help us through our difficult birth experience!"

— Casey, July 2016


"My doula helped me through my pregnancy and all the way through my 42 hour long labor. I will always thank her for making me feel so powerful.”

— Kim


"Our doula made us feel safe and strong. She made us feel like we could do this. I don’t know what would have happened if we didn’t have her. She went above and beyond our expectations of a doula. I’m so glad we chose her.”

— Jessica & Brandon


"Denise was fabulous with her client. She was very patient and knowledgeable. Denise was instrumental in a healthy vaginal delivery outcome!”

— Nurse Nancy


"Denise was there the entire time, massaging my back and legs, applying counter pressure during contractions, offering different positions to labor in...She knew exactly where to be...If I ever have a fourth baby, I hope Denise will be there for me again.”

— Jill


"You are truly an amazing person, and your passion for what you do shines through in the care that you give. I could not have gone through an un-medicated birth without you. It was a wonderful experience and such a great memory.”

— Sasha


"After I gave birth to my twins, two weeks later my husband passed away. Having Denise here caring for my babies as well as helping me through such a difficult time made all the difference in the world. I am blessed to have found such a loving, caring and nurturing person to trust in my home with my twins as well as mend my heart.”

— Michelle